SPIRIT / Brand Concept


Brand Concept
Nature - the inspiration behind the fashion icon. Our need for returning to the nature never stops, and in the world of Mavees, people can escape from the hustle of the city and get in touch with the nature to express their personal traits freely. Quality handbag starts with quality leather. In order to present leather’s unique appeal to the fullest extend, all the leather applied is tanned strictly in accordance with philosophy of Mavees. Genuine leather is the most important element of Mavees brand; the attention to details in each piece is the best way to demonstrate how the brand pursues for the nature, and the durableness adds more natural charm to the bags.
The passion goes into the handcraft is the essence of Mavees handbag, wallet and exquisite small leather goods.
Pattern makers: to embody the vision of the designer, draw the blueprint for the entire team.
Cut division: selects the best materials for each part of the handbag based on leather’s characteristics. The division also cuts all the pieces according to the cutting pattern.
Fitting division: similar to a supervisor, it ensures each piece is at its best state before put into production. (Every handbag is consisting of various pieces: the bag, the base and the belt.)
Seamstress: first assess different characteristics of each pieces of leather, and then begin to sew. The person in charge must ensure that the needle is in the precise position each and every time.
Assembly Division: responsible for installing the trademark sign and accessories, presents the most eye-catching and long lasting elements of Mavees handbags.
All Mavees bags follow simple yet elegant design styles. Whether it is shoulder strap, bag cover or unlined purse, they are all sketched out with smooth outlines. Most importantly, it not only confirms the "simple is beautiful" truth, but also reflects Mavees American classic design doctrine to the greatest degree.The leather that is treated with unique tanning process has a special soft touch, rugged and beautiful at the same time. The Artisans in turn developed several new types of tanned leather and raw leather, such as calfskin, oil wax skin, and tree kid. These materials are wildly used in the Mavees bag making. Mavees immediately began to consider developing more products, especially the men's handbags and men/women wallets.
A distinctive lifestyle
make better and enjoy life!
One has the soul of the brand is a sustainable brand. Mavees not only adhering to the spirit of continuous innovation, will also permeate our life philosophy into our design – make better and enjoy life, so every distinguished Mavees customers can share with us this precious life attitude.